Library Tax Renewal FAQ

Q. How long has the library been funded by property taxes?
A.  The library has been funded by property taxes since February 14, 1942, when the first library tax was passed.  It has been continually funded by a property tax since this time.

Q. Is this a new tax?
A. NO.  It is a continuation of the current tax for 10 more years.

Q. Who pays the tax?
A. Property owners throughout the parish.

Q. Does homestead exemption apply?
A. Yes.  The first $75,000 of home value is tax exempt.  The library property tax on a $100,000 home is about $10.90 per year.  That is less than the average cost of one new book.

Q. Is this tax proposition a tax increase?
A. NO.  Property owners currently pay 4.36 mills and will continue to pay 4.36 mills.  This is $4.36 per thousand dollars of taxable assessed value, after exemptions.  The library is not asking property owners to pay a higher percentage than they do now.

Q. Are there other taxes to fund the library?
A. No.  This is the ONLY tax.

Q. What does the tax fund?
A. The needs of all six library facilities: Abbeville, Kaplan, Gueydan, Maurice, Erath and Delcambre.  All the needs of a parish-wide bookmobile are also included.  This is the ONE tax that keeps them ALL open and operating.

  • The Tax Proposition

    Proposition as posted on the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website:

    April 5, 2014 Election
    Parish of Vermilion
    Parishwide Proposition
    (Library Tax Renewal)

    Summary: 10 years, 4.36 mills property tax continuation for the purpose of providing funds for equipment, supplies, maintenance, operation, construction, improvement, renovation and support of the Vermilion Parish Library and its branches.

    Parishwide Library Proposition
    (Tax Renewal)

    Shall the Parish of Vermilion, State of Louisiana (the “Parish”), be authorized to continue to levy a special tax of four and thirty-six hundredths (4.36) mills on all property subject to taxation in the Parish (an estimated $1,450,000 expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year), for a period of ten (10) years, beginning with the year 2015 and ending with the year 2024, for the purpose of providing funds for equipment, supplies, maintenance, operation, construction and support of the public library and its branches in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana?

Q. Does the library try to be cost effective with our tax dollars?
A. Yes.  The library actively works to control costs It also aggressively seeks out grant funding and government cost discounts.  Plus, it seeks to generate some revenue through faxing and photocopying for the public.  Note: While the library charges fines for overdue items, the main purpose of the fines is not to raise revenue but rather to encourage patrons to return items on time so that other people will also have a chance to use them.

Q. Do any other Police Jury taxes help fund the library system?
A. No.  The library relies solely on its own dedicated tax to meet the needs of its budget.

Q. How do communities benefit from having libraries?
A. Libraries promote literacy and education and help everybody from very young to very old.  They also preserve our local history.

Q. Does the tax really benefit the whole parish?
A. Yes!  Here’s why: each incorporated area in the parish has a library branch with…

  • A collection of books, DVD’s, audiobooks on CD, magazines and newspapers;
  • High quality computers, printers and copiers, fax, high speed Internet access and Wi-Fi;
  • Summer Reading programs with professional performers and prizes for the children;
  • Interlibrary loan connecting its patrons to books from libraries across the country
  • Access to 18 database resources, including and (which connects students with carefully screened tutors for free) and HeritageQuest and  Free remote access to interactive books and foreign language database;
  • ALL library card holders in the parish can download eBooks, audiobooks, music, and magazines through the library’s website site from their homes or mobile devices for FREE;
  • Website available in other languages with a wide resource of databases, parish links, and other valuable information and resources;
  • Free laptop checkouts.

The library tax benefits all parish residents, regardless of where in the parish they live.

Q. Who can vote?
A. All registered parish voters.

Q. When can they vote?
A. They can vote in early voting March 22-29, 2014 at the courthouse or they can vote in the regular voting at their regular polling places on Saturday, April 5th.

Q. What if I want more information?
A. Please call 337-893-2674 or email the library director.