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How do you know if your Bank or Credit Union is financially stable?  Did you pick the Best Life Insurance or Property Insurance Company?  Are you getting the best deal on your Medigap Insurance?  Which Mutual Fund will give you the best return?  Which Stocks are the best to choose?

These questions and more can be answered by visiting and logging on to the Financial Rating Systems Database.  All it takes is a valid Vermilion Parish Library card to get started!

Financial Ratings Series Online gives you accurate, independent ratings and financial planning tools you need to make INFORMED DECISIONS about your insurance, banking and investment options.

How to Find the Safest Bank or Credit Union in Your Area

How to Avoid the Weakest Insurance Companies… and How to Find the Best Ones

How to Pick the Best Medigap Plan and Get the Lowest Premiums

How to Find the Best Mutual Funds… and Make Sure Your Retirement Funds are Safe

How to Pick the Best-Performing Stocks

Plus, you can create your own Personal Profile to build your own Watchlist, get Upgrade/Downgrade Alerts and log in from anywhere.

Financial Ratings Series Online users have said…

  • “Provides one-stop shopping in a user-friendly online format for consumers, investors, investment analysts, money managers, and students.”
  • “Astonishing information, all in one place, that took about two minutes to locate. I really admire the power and simplicity.”

Financial Ratings Series Online is designed to direct you toward safe banking and insurance options and strong investments while helping you avoid unnecessary risk that could lead to financial losses.