Genealogy Program

“My DNA Journey”.  My name is Shera Broussard LaPoint. I accidentally became a genealogy and DNA enthusiast after joining Ancestry to find out more about my heritage after my late grandfather’s death.  Being the oldest child, I became the keeper of pictures inherited from past generations. My passion grew in 2015 when I did an Ancestry DNA test for ethnic purposes. While on the journey of discovering my own past, I learned much about genealogy and DNA and now strive to share this knowledge with others and help adoptees and people of unknown parentage find their family.  My DNA journey has made a profound impact on the direction my life has taken.  I will share how DNA has enhanced my own genealogical tree and some of the fascinating stories I have come across in hopes of encouraging you to test and share your DNA results with others.

This program will be held on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Abbeville Library. This program is open to anyone 18 yrs of age or older. Please call 337-893-2674 to register.