**Updated Years** The Yearbook Project


Preservation of our local history is such an important issue nowadays. As stewards of that history, we must do all we can to protect that history. The Vermilion Parish Library is joining other libraries across the state in having local yearbooks digitized and having them accessible to all.

This free service is offered to the Parish Library through a state agency located in Lexington, Oklahoma who has been in operation for over 30 years. Here is a little information on the program:

How is it free?:

The Yearbook Project came about when it was brought to the attention of the state agency that high school yearbooks were being lost and damaged due to tornados and by people cutting or tearing whole pages out of them. Since they were already converting records into digital format for their own state agencies, they realized what a great help to communities this would be.

How they do it:

The yearbooks will be scanned and returned to the library within 4 -6 weeks. The quality control department goes through each page of the digital images looking for any graffiti, stains, marks or other signs of wear and digitally erase blemishes so they will be in pristine condition.

What years are accepted?:

Due to the large number of yearbooks that are being digitized, they are now digitizing yearbooks in stages. They are currently accepting the years of 1950 – 2018 for any school located in Vermilion Parish. Their overhead non-destructive scanning method ensures that the yearbooks are not damaged and that they are returned in their original condition.

Here are a few libraries participating in this free service:
Assumption Parish Library
Rapides Parish Library
Cameron Parish Library
LSU Shreveport Archives/Noel Memorial Library
SWLA Genealogical & History Library
Jennings Carnegie Public Library
and many more.

If you are interested in loaning your yearbooks to the library to have them digitized, you can drop them off at your local library branch where you can fill out a form and get a receipt for the ones dropped off. Process usually takes 4 -6 weeks.

To view yearbooks which have been digitized, you can find them on the library’s website (www.vermilion parishlibrary.com) under the heading “digital archives” and newspapers. Once you click that, it will give you another page where you select “Learn More” under the graduation cap. This will now take you to the school listing of available yearbooks. Select the school you want and then select the year. You are now ready to enjoy high school memories.

If you have any questions please contact Charlotte Trosclair at 337-893-2674.