Vermilion Library Foundation

The formation of library foundations is an increasingly common occurrence throughout the country. Library foundations are an excellent way of supplementing library resources as we face an increasingly complex information age. Public libraries have become hubs of  computer-based and other informational resources that are essential in succeeding in today’s world.  A number of library foundations have been formed in recent years. For that purpose, the Vermilion Parish Library Foundation was created in 2010.

In communities where many families struggle economically, public libraries take on added importance and need to keep current and be widely available to meet the many informational needs of the community.  Otherwise, our residents will not be able to keep pace and will fall behind both in education and economic success.

Vermilion Parish Library serves as a busy public computer center, jobs resource and a center for literacy education that for many residents evolves into lifelong learning and success.  These are essential functions that need to be supported.

The Foundation manages funds for the Vermilion Parish Library System, including all public library branches. These funds are used to support library’s activities and educational collections. They are designated to benefit the library and will be used exclusively for this purpose.

The Foundation intends to raise other funds through events, bequests and extensive fundraising to establish funds that can be used to support other libraries and library activities that benefit the public.

The foundation’s mission is to enhance and supplement basic library services that are funded by the library’s millage.  Foundation funds will support new programs and services, and help expand educational materials and equipment, that otherwise would not be possible without this private support.

We will raise funds in a variety of ways.  We will solicit donations and bequests from individuals, area businesses and corporations, and large foundations that award grants to libraries.  We may undertake annual fundraising campaigns and hold events throughout the year to raise funds for the Vermilion Parish libraries.  We plan to engage in consistent and active fundraising activities so we can make a real difference in the success of libraries.


Vermilion Parish Library Foundation Registration Form