Library Policies

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ItemsCheck-out period

Books 21 days
Audios (CDRs, Playaways, Books on Tape) 21 days
DVDs & VHS 5 days
Laptops 3 days
CDMs 5 days
Short Loans 7 days

Exception: Short Loans are new release books with a high demand; are loaned for a period of 7 days if the item has five or more requests for it.

Check In and/or Renewals

All items checked out can be returned to and/or renewed at any Vermilion Parish Library Branch or the Mobile Library.


Books, DVDs, VHS, Audios and magazines can be renewed 2 times. Short Loans and Laptops cannot be renewed.
Note: Items may not be renewed if there is a request waiting.
Items may be renewed twice if no request is waiting.
Patrons are able to renew and/or request items online in the online catalog.

Adopted August 8, 2012 by the Vermilion Parish Library Board of Control.


Library Patron Accounts

  1. All patron accounts must be in good standing in order to continue checkout privelages.
  2. If a patron account or an account linked to it has a fine of $5.00 or over or if a ll linked accounts have a cumulatave fine of $5.00 or over all accounts will be blocked from using library services until fines are paid.
  3. Library accounts will be linked if the accounts are:
    a. Parents/Step parents and children.
    b. Anyone living at the same address (Note: persons residing at the same address are considered family. This includes cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, grandparents and grandchildren living at this address).
    c. Grandparents/grandchildren living at the same address.
  4. No new cards will be issued to anyone at the same address of a blocked card until all fines are paid in full.