Library Policies

Privacy Policy

The Library Board of Control and staff of Vermilion Parish Library recognize our patrons’ concerns about privacy on the Internet and information contained in library records, photos, and video footage.

Patron Records
According to Act 523 passed by the Louisiana Legislature in 1982, the Vermilion Parish Library recognizes that all circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users with specific materials are confidential. No such records shall be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government or the press. Information about patrons and patrons’ transactions will not be made available to any unauthorized individual or to any external agency unless legally required to do so. Any information collected will only be used to fulfill patron’s service needs and to help the Library improve and target its services effectively. Our staff understands that access to patron, transaction, and collection files is strictly limited to Library business.

Our patrons should be aware that they are subject to the privacy policies of any other web sites and organizations that they visit and use. For further information regarding the use of the Internet and computers at Vermilion Parish Library, please refer to the Electronic Use Policy.

Library Photos
The library takes photos at library programs and they may be posted to the website and the library’s social media pages. Patrons are advised to step to the side if they do not wish to be in pictures.

Adopted by the Vermilion Parish Library Board of Control on August 8, 2012.