Library Policies

Video Surveillance

In order to maintain a safe and secure library, selected public areas of the library premises are under continuous video surveillance and recording. Signage will be posted at library entrances at all times, disclosing this activity.

Images from the library surveillance system are stored digitally on hardware in the library. It is the intent of the library to retain all recorded images for a minimum of thirty days, or until image capacity of the system is reached. Then, the oldest stored images will be automatically deleted by system software to make room for new images. Typically, images will not be routinely monitored in real-time, nor reviewed by library staff, except when specifically authorized by the library director.

While it is recognized that video surveillance will not prevent all incidents, its potential deterrent effect, and resource as a means of identifying and prosecuting offenders is considered worthwhile.

Adopted by the Vermilion Parish Library Board of Control on August 8, 2012.