Online Resource: “Live Homework Help” for your kids


Parents: Are you  looking for homework help from somebody who knows what your kids are talking about?

There is hope!! Homework help is as near as your local library or your home computer.

The Vermilion Parish Library offers a “Live Homework Help” service called This service allows students to connect with current and retired teachers, graduate students and degreed professionals for help with math, science, social studies and English homework. The tutors, some of whom might be sitting at computers a continent away, will answer questions, offer help with research browsing and even edit papers that are downloaded and sent to them. They also will be able to demonstrate algebra equations on an online chalk board. All of this will be done in real time! The tutors will respond immediately to questions typed on the computer screen. will be available 24 hours a day and is designed for students of all ages.

Although students will be able to use from their home computer, they will have to go to through the Vermilion Parish Library website( to access the service. To reach a tutor from home, students must have a library card. The card number must be typed at the prompting of the web page.  Home computers will have to initially download a “plug-in” that will allow them to use the tutoring program from their computers.

Tutoring sessions can be as long as 20 minutes. After that time, the student will have to make way for another student at another library, at home or somewhere else in the country. At the end of the session, a student will be able to print a copy of the information for future reference. If a student has more questions after those 20 minutes, he or she will be able to log back on to

Student’s who use’s online tutoring and homework services report they are able to better complete homework assignments, build their confidence in their academic abilities, and improve their grades.

For more information on how to get started using this great program call your local library.