August 8, 2018 Agenda

Notice Posted: ____________ _________ _________

                                    (Date)                    (Time)     (Staff initials)


A public meeting will be held as follows:

DATE: August 8, 2018

TIME: __5:00PM_______

PLACE OF MEETING: __Abbeville Library___________________

__405 East Saint Victor St.; Abbeville, LA 70510_______________


Call to Order —Chairman—Ricky Luquette



Roll Call

  1. Jane Barras
  2. Melanie Hensgens
  3. Brady Broussard, Jr.
  4. Betty Girouard
  5. Ricky Luquette
  6. Yolanda Broussard
  7. Mayor Wayne Theriot
  8. Leon Broussard

Approval of Minutes from last meeting, _March 1, 2018______.

                                                                            (Date of last meeting)

Public comments on any agenda item will be considered from the audience at this time.

Old Business:

  1. Approve Financial Report—Amy Stelly
  2. Approve Director’s Report

New Business:

  1. Discuss Atriuum flooring
  2. Discuss building maintenance—Gene Sellers
  3. Discuss and approve sick leave policy
  4. Approve Legislative procedures


Charlotte Trosclair, Library Director_

(Name and Position of Authorized Person)

Vermilion Parish Library                    _

(Name of Taxing District)

405 East St. Victor St.; Abbeville, LA 70510______



(Telephone Number)

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance, please contact Charlotte Trosclair at 337-893-2674 describing the assistance that is necessary.

(Telephone number)