Special Meeting Proceedings May 20, 2024

Vermilion Parish Library
Board of Control
May 20, 2024
Special Meeting

Library Board President, Anita Levy, called the Vermilion Parish Library Board of Control special meeting to order on Monday, May 20, 2024, at the Abbeville Library at 6:02PM. The following members were present: Anita Levy, JB Moreno, Yolanda Broussard, John LeBlanc, Melanie Hensgens, Meg Hebert, and Bridget Winters.  Absent was Shane Meaux.  Guests were Charlotte Bourg, Library Director, Amy Stelly, Business Manager, Dawn Hebert, Assistant Manager, and Paul Moresi, Attorney.  A member of the public was present.

The prayer was led by Meg Hebert.

The pledge was led by John LeBlanc.

Amy Stelly called the roll.

There were no public comments on any agenda item.

The board engaged in a discussion of how meetings should be run.  Currently the board, according to the bylaws, uses Robert’s Rules of Order.  It was discussed that possibly the board should use Martin’s Rules of Order.  Some members suggested that the board should elect a parliamentarian to make sure the meetings follow the proper procedure. In this discussion, Paul Moresi was identified as the attorney for the library.   Paul Moresi suggested the board investigate Officers/Director’s Insurance.  The Open Meeting Laws were referenced several times.

The board discussed evaluating the director.  The president of the board presented documents obtained from the state librarian with instructions on how to conduct the process.  On the motion of John LeBlanc, seconded by Bridget Winters, the board voted and agreed unanimously to amend the agenda to allow the formation of a committee to develop a tool for the evaluation.

YEAS: Anita Levy, JB Moreno, Yolanda Broussard, John LeBlanc, Melanie Hensgens, Meg Hebert, and Bridget Winters
NAYS: None

Members of the committee are Bridget Winters, John LeBlanc, and Melanie Hensgens.  The director will send the committee members the director’s job description and a copy of the evaluation used on employees.

In lieu of a closed-door executive session, director Charlotte Bourg asked for an open discussion on the effectiveness of the library director.  The board had a discussion led by Bridget Winters on the following points:

  1. Implements and monitors library policies and procedures.
  2. Demonstrates a strong professional ethics and interacts positively when dealing with community groups, patrons of the library, community group memberships and board trustees.
  3. Acts independently and assumes responsibility for actions and/or decisions.
  4. Demonstrates truthfulness when addressing matters with board members.

Charlotte Bourg, Director, discussed each point in relation to a recent incident and other points of reference.  Board members questioned the director on several points of policy and procedure.  Several policies will need to be amended at the next meeting.  The Director will work on these policies and present them at the next meeting.

On the motion of John LeBlanc and seconded by Yolanda Broussard the meeting was adjourned.